Typical Satellite Applications

Oil and Gas   Government   IP / GSM backhaul
Oil and Gas   Government   IP / GSM backhaul
Satellite Communications for the Oil and Gas Industry is one of the importantant requirements.some typical applications are :
-Site engineers and geologists sending exploration data and images to headquarters for analysis.
-Remote pipeline and well diagnostics.
-Oil well and pipeline remote maintenance.
Some typical Satellite Applications for Government are :

- Emergency Response
- Peacekeeping
- Medical
- Disaster relief
- Tactics and logistics
- Closing Digital Divide
- Intelligence Gathering
- Embassies
GSM Backhaul are satellite networks that connect terrestrial towers for mobile subscriptions to voice and data networks. In remote locations where communications services are expensive to set up, GSM backhauling provides a cost effective way to provide GSM coverage.GSM operators can extend their network quickly and easily with satellites .
Education   Maritime   Disaster recovery
Education   Maritime   Disaster recovery
Accessing knowledge is a prime requirement to educate our youth. Recently being connected has become as important.Learning doesn't happen just in a classroom, it happens in laboratories, fields, exhibitions and anywhere there are new experiences to be found.
In marine applications Voice, fax, and data communications for both ocean-going and coastal vessels, delivered via a range of antenna sizes to suit different types of vessel.Some solutions provide cost-effective broadband data and high speed internet access.
In areas where natural or man-made disasters struck, regardless of the location or the state of the terrestrial communication infrastructure, satellite communication solutions can provide high quality immediately available communications services.
Broadcast   SCADA   Banking
Broadcast   SCADA   Banking
Satellite broadcasting which make it easy for production companies to deliver their content directly from the venue to the Consumers around the world.
Another application is Satellite News gathering can be used for Sending live and file-based news reports to the studio as a reliable and efficient end-to-end video transport solution.
SCADA via satellite is best solution for small data monitoring anywhere anytime.
The satellite modems provides data rates from 2.4kbps and adapt to all kinds of communication needs, from legacy SCADA protocols to TCP/IP-based communications also support advanced power saving features,for using solar or battery power.
Satellite enables banks to establish remote branch connectivity quickly and cost-effectively, offer bank card transaction facilities and deliver mobile banking to rural communities around the globe, without having to rely on poor terrestrial networks, or bear the cost of installing new ones.ATMs and PoS networks give banks the opportunity to take advantage of bank card transaction growth.
VOIP   Backup   Telemedicine
VOIP   Backup   Telemedicine
Satellite VoIP service delivers crystal clear calls over dedicated bandwidth satellite Network with a bit error rate better than 10-9 (which is defined as a clear channel and perfect for VoIP). Trust that we take care of the complexities of VoIP so you can take care of business.
By using a satellite network as your secondary connection, you can maintain uninterrupted network connectivity because satellite is not susceptible to terrestrial problems.The satellite backup solution helps businesses stay running at all times.
Telemedicine via Satellite services will ubiquitously enhance the safety for citizens require emergency help.with business- class high-speed Internet access we can have Healthcare telemedicine-Hospitals and clinics.
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