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lighting   smart wiring   Multi-Room Audio
Intelligent Lighting control   smart wiring   Multi-Room Audio
Lighting Control today is no longer simply control of your lights. Customers have been asking for more capabilites and the manufacturers have been delivering. A well designed lighting control system can now control your Blinds, HVAC, Floor heating and much more.
To utilise new technologies and products, you require a high speed data network integrated with high grade Television cabling to industry recognised standards. Conventional phone cabling or even wireless networks can not effectively deal with the amount of high speed applications that are now required in the home.
The home of today is typically open plan has simple lines with little clutter. Multi room audio allows high quality stereo music to be precisely or widely delivered, without ungainly components or big speakers. It’s suitable for even the most challenging room.
Security   Intercom   Solar
Security & CCTV   Intercom & Phone   Solar Power
A new home security system is designed for simplicity. Further more, all components have been selected for their reliability.
Answer your front door or security gate from the safety and convenience of any fixed or cordless phone in your house with an Intellifone System. An optional feature allows you to activate/unlock the front door or front gate.
Energy created through the Solar panels produces no pollutants. By offsetting peak electricity demand, systems reduce the need for other source of powers.
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