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Sepsat provides services to maintain your VSAT and satellite Earth Station Antennas and Satellite Equipment on a monthly, yearly or any time frame basis. The Sepsat teams have over 10 years of experience delivering Satellite Antenna and Satcom Equipment Maintenance solutions to customers around the region. Our Satellite Antenna and Equipment Maintenance solutions include a wide variety of services that can easily meet your specific equipment and budget requirements.
Whether it's routine, preventive or corrective Antenna Maintenance, Sepsat's services will ensure that your Satellite Antennas continue to experience reliable, trouble free operation, while maintaining performance in accordance with factory specifications.
We service Earth Station Antennas in all sizes up to 11 meters along with all associated electronic RF equipment (HPA, SSPA, Converters, Block Up Converters, Waveguide).

• Inspect the antenna mount hardware
• Inspect cable, connectors and power equipment
• Inspect IF and terminal equipment
• Feed Window Replacement
• Weatherproofing
• RF and AC Power Cabling Replacement
• De-ice system check and troubleshooting
• Lighting Systems
• Lightning protection
• Antenna Control System Troubleshooting
• Azimuth & Elevation Actuator check

Power washing
• Reflector and Sub-Reflector
• Back Structure
• Hub
• Kingpost / Mount
• Antenna Foundations
Corrosion removal
• Media Blasting and Water Jetting
• Manual Removal
Coating application
• Bonding & Corrosion Inhibiting Primer
• Epoxy,& Heat Diffusing Coatings
• Cold Galvanizing
• Spray
Grease and Lube
• Azimuth & Elevation Jacks and Gear Boxes
• Polarization Drive Controller System
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