Typical Applications

Broadcast   SCADA   Banking
Broadcast   SCADA   Banking
broadcasting which make it easy for production companies to deliver their content directly from the venue to the Consumers around the world.
Another application is SNG can be used for Sending live and file-based news reports to the studio as a reliable and efficient end-to-end video transport solution.
SCADA via satellite is best solution for small data monitoring anywhere anytime.
The satellite modems provides data rates from 2.4kbps and adapt to all kinds of communication needs, from legacy SCADA protocols to TCP/IP-based communications also support advanced power saving features,for using solar or battery power.
VSAT enables banks to establish remote branch connectivity quickly and cost-effectively, offer bank card transaction facilities and deliver mobile banking to rural communities around the globe, without having to rely on poor terrestrial networks, or bear the cost of installing new ones.ATMs and PoS networks give banks the opportunity to take advantage of bank card transaction growth.
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