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Intelsat Fleet   Eutelsat Fleet   Yahsat Fleet
Intelsat Fleet   Eutelsat Fleet   Yahsat Fleet
Intelsat, Ltd. is a communications satellite services provider. Originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), Intelsat's fixed satellite services deliver information and entertainment to people for Media and Telecom companies.For MENA region satellites like IS10-02,IS20,IS15.. have good coverages.
Eutelsat is a leading provider of satellite telecommunications: TV, radio, VSAT services, broadband services via satellite, corporate networks.They have 29 GEO satellite in 20 orbital position.For MENA region satellites like 21A(ex.W6),10A(ex.w2A),70A(ex,W5).. have good coverages.
Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat) is a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, an investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi.Yahsat have two satellite Yahsat1A and 1B now.
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