Broadband Services

DVB-S2/SCPC   s-idirect   dvb-rcs
DVB-S2/SCPC Services   iDirect Services   DVB-RCS services
DVB-S2/SCPC service is used for broadband access to teleports services.Uplink use SCPC and downlink use DVB-S2. This service bandwidth is dedicated and can be used for high speed data, voice and video.This service need SCPC modulator in uplink and DVB receiver in downlink.Router interconnect SCPC modulator to DVB receiver.
This service use iDirect modem technology for broadband access.There is two iDirect series modem,infinity and eveloution. Infinity use D-TDMA uplink and TDM downlink access method.Evolution use D-TDMA or SCPC in uplink and DVB-S2 in downlink. Both series use iDirect modem with ethernet interface.
This service use DVB-RCS technology for broadband access.There is a few DVB-RCS technology manufacture in market.This technology use MF-TDMA for uplink and DVB-S2 in downlink. DVB-RCS modem have ethernet interface.
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