Typical Applications

Oil and Gas   Government   IP / GSM backhaul
Oil and Gas   Government   IP / GSM backhaul
Telecommunications for the Oil and Gas Industry is one of the importantant requirements.some typical applications are :
-Site engineers and geologists sending exploration data and images to headquarters for analysis.
-Remote pipeline and well diagnostics.
-Oil well and pipeline remote maintenance
Some typical Applications for Government are :

- Emergency Response
- Peacekeeping
- Medical
- Disaster relief
- Tactics and logistics
- Closing Digital Divide
- Intelligence Gathering
- Embassies
GSM Backhaul are telecom networks that connect terrestrial towers for mobile subscriptions to voice and data networks. In remote locations where communications services are expensive to set up, GSM backhauling provides a cost effective way to provide GSM coverage.GSM operators can extend their network quickly and easily.
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