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Satellite Equipment and Antenna Installation Services   Our team has experience installing Antennas from:   Satellite Earth Station Antenna & Equipment installation services include:
Sepsat professional VSAT teams deliver the upmost in high quality VSAT network deployment, satellite antenna installation and systems equipment install services. Our experienced field engineers, installation technicians, and project managers provide high technical capabilities, onsite flexibility and the best tools to support customers around the region.
- ASC Signal (formerly Andrew Corp.)
- Prodelin VSAT
- Channel Master
- Cobham - Patriot
- AVL Technologies
- SeaTel
- Skyware Global
- Probecom
- Antech
- Site Surveys, Look angle calculations, Site Layout & Readiness, RFI & EMI analysis
- Earth Station Installation - from VSAT antennas to 4.6m Gateways
- Antenna Controller Installation and Upgrades, ASC Signal, Research Concepts,Probecom
- Motor Drive System Upgrades and Replacement
- Antenna Foundation Installation, From VSAT to Earth station antenna, Turnkey
- Satellite Equipment Installation: SSPAs, BUCs, LNAs, Uplink Power Control Systems
- RF Switching Systems, Waveguide
- Systems Engineering, Link Budgets, RF and Civils
- Fiber Optic IFL System Installation
- Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
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